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Grant Awardees

AHS is excited to announce its selection of its very first awardee for the AHS Research Grants Program in 2015 - Mark Spangler. Spangler is an active member of AHS and is currently serving as its Education and Outreach Committee chair. Reviewers were very impressed with his application and he was awarded $500 to support his herpetological research in Alaska. 

 2015 Grant Awardee - Mark Spangler

 Research Topics: Wood Frog Distribution in Alaska; eDNA Sampling


AWARDEE BIO: I'm very excited to be participating in and contributing to the Alaska Herpetological Society through the research grants program! Although I'm still in my first year as an Alaskan, I can proudly claim life-long status as a herp-nerd. I have fond memories of growing up with reptile pets, including 18 years with a green iguana. It wasn't until 2008 (Year of the Frog), however, that I became aware of the global amphibian crisis. This is where my focus and passion has been ever since. Some of my prior experiences include volunteering for the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program in Tennessee, co-coordinating the FrogWatch program in Nebraska, mapping species distribution and diversity in Nicaragua, and monitoring for the chytrid fungus in Costa Rica. Currently I am studying the northern range distribution of the wood frog in Alaska, which may be shifting in response to a warming climate. As part of my research I am developing a method that will utilize genetic material suspended in water to non-invasively test for the presence of this species in any wetland habitat. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about my research and look for my update later this year!