The Alaska Herpetological Society


Grant Guidelines

Please begin by reading the Rules and Guidelines document approved by the Executive Board on 4/5/2013. 



Application Deadline: April 1st, 2016

Award Announcement: April 15th, 2016

Award Distribution: May 1st, 2016

Award must be used by: May 1, 2017

NOTE: In even years the AHS Research Grant is given to K-12 educators for herpetological projects and curricula. In odd years the grant is awarded for herpetological research in higher education. 

Alaska Herpetological Society

"EVEN YEAR" Research Grant Stipulations

Grant Purpose: The purpose of this grant is to support the development of K-12 projects and curricula related to Alaska's herpetofauna.

Applicant Solicitation: Our grant program will be publicized in our biannual newsletter, on our email list, and on our facebook page.

Applicant Eligibility:

To be eligible for our proposed grant program, applicants must:

1. Remain a paid member in good standing with AHS

2. Submit a report of project activities at the end of the calendar year in which the project took place. This will include a financial statement of expenditures related to the grant.

3. Submit a newsletter / website article including a photograph of yourself and/or students participating in the program.

4. Present a brief presentation of your project activities funded by an AHS grant at the annual AHS meeting when reasonably possible.

5. Acknowledge AHS in all publications and presentations related to the project conducted under the grant.

6. Return all grant monies to AHS if the project fails to take place within one year of the issuance of the grant award.

Grants cannot be renewed. While previous recipients will remain eligible for grants, they must reapply annually.

Selection Committee: The selection committee will be the Executive Board. Criteria for selection committee membership and the method of replacing committee members shall be the same as the Executive Board except where members of the Executive Board are grant applicants. Executive Board members, their relatives and substantial contributors are eligible for AHS grants. If an Executive Board member or his/her relative is an applicant for a grant, they will not serve on the selection committee. A volunteer who is a member in good standing of AHS shall replace the Executive Board applicant on the selection committee. No applicant of the current grant cycle may serve on the selection committee.

Selection Criteria:

Grant applications will be ranked based on the following criteria:

1.     Alignment with AHS goals

2.     Number of students that will benefit 

3.     Contributions to herpetological education

4.     Feasibility of proposed project or curriculum activities


Grant Oversight: The Executive Board will meet regularly to discuss the status of funded grant projects. The grant will be paid directly to individual recipients. Applicants will be required to submit unofficial transcripts with their application package. In the event that the Executive Board determines that a grant recipient is in violation of the grant stipulations, an official written warning will be issued. If the violation is not corrected in a timely manner, the recipient will become ineligible for future grant opportunities.

The Executive Board will (1) arrange to receive and review grantee reports annually and upon completion of the purpose for which the grant was awarded, (2) investigate diversions of funds from their intended purposes, and (3) take all reasonable and appropriate steps to recover diverted funds, ensure other grant funds held by a grantee are used for their intended purposes, and withhold further payments to grantees until you obtain grantees’ assurances that future diversions will not occur and that grantees will take extraordinary precautions to prevent future diversions from occurring.

AHS will maintain all records relating to individual grants, including information obtained to evaluate grantees, identify whether a grantee is a disqualified person, establish the amount and purpose of each grant, and establish the supervision and investigation of grants.