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EpiCollect Smartphone Software

EpiCollect is a free application available for smartphones on both the Apple and Android platforms that allows users to record observational data on the phone and to sync it with a central database. The application allows users to attach a photograph of specimens and utilizes the phone's GPS to obtain coordinates. The phone stores the information until the user has access to a cell or wireless internet signal where he or she can upload the vouchers to our database!

 In coordination with Joshua Ream's doctoral studies in Herpetology and the Alaska Herpetological Society (AHS), we have developed a standard amphibian voucher form for the EpiCollect application. Instructions on how to download our project on EpiCollect and the proper use of our form fields can be viewed in this document:

 Uploaded voucher submissions can be viewed on the project's website. While only administrators can modify contributed content, all users can view the information in an excel spreadsheet or on the map. Users can also download data points directly to Google Earth! Contributed data can be viewed at the project's website:

 More information on the EpiCollect software itself can be viewed at the developer's website: A formal paper was published on its use in science (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PAPER). The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) also had a podcast about the software (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PODCAST)!

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