The Alaska Herpetological Society



The Alaska Herpetological Society (AHS) was founded officially in the spring of 2012 to address the state's need for an organization dedicated to the study, stewardship, conservation, education and ownership of amphibians and reptiles. Prior to its formation the Alaska Amphibian Working Group (AAWG) was the only formally organized group in the state concerned with these topics. The AAWG is largely made up of professional wildlife biologists and researchers and it meets every few years. AHS hopes to partner with AAWG in the future and to work alongside of that organization in the pursuit of shared goals and aspirations. 

The AAWG was formed in 2004 when a group of institutional researchers and managers interested in amphibians decided that the state was in critical need of assessing its herpetofaunal populations. Some of its important accomplishments are listed below and may be of interest to AHS members too:

AAWG Timeline

  • 2006: second statewide conference held at the University of Alaska Southeast           (CLICK TO SEE ARTICLE)
  • 2007: organizational meeting (in association with AK TWS meeting in Juneau)
  • 2008: no official meeting, representatives attended NW PARC in British Columbia
  • 2010: business meeting held in Anchorage, Alaska in conjunction with state chapter of The Wildlife Society

AAWG Products

AHS is a young organization but is growing daily by leaps and bounds. We are excited to be able to expand this history as our own timeline of productivity unfolds.  With the help of partners like the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), the Alaska Amphibian Working Group (AAWG), and the Midnight Sun Herpetological Society (MSHS), we hope that AHS can become an influential part of the Alaska community.