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A three-year membership in the Alaska Herpetological Society (AHS) is $25. These are valid for three calendar years from the date of purchase. Membership includes:
•Voting rights and privileges
•Membership cards
•Biannual newsletters
•Access to events and organized outings
•Access to our email list
•Access to our annual meeting / conference
•Discounts and promotional offers as available
Monies obtained from membership dues will be used solely for expenditures related to the Alaska Herpetological Society.
DISCLAIMER: In the unanticipated event that AHS is dissolved prior to the term of membership, paid members will NOT be entitled to monetary reimbursement. As per the organization's bylaws, all treasury funds would be donated to the Northwest Section of Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC).
How would you like your name to appear on the membership card?

Three-Year Individual Membership

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