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Pacific Chorus Frog (Pseudacris regilla)

Adults: 2-5cm (1-2.2in) long. Color varies from bright green to bronze to brown, as well as shades in between. These frogs can change the color of their skin depending on the temperature and humidity. A dark eye stripe runs from the tip of the nose to the shoulder. The tip of each toe has a round, sticky toe pad. Belly is white and unmarked.  

Eggs: Laid in masses that are usually attached to underwater vegetation. The egg mass is small (less than 4cm) and round and the eggs are enclosed in a thin layer of jelly. Eggs number from 12-60.

Tadpoles: Greenish grey and flecked with fold markings. Viewed from above, the eyes extend to the outline of the head. The Red-legged Grog tadpole appears similar but with inset eyes.


1. This animal is found in a variety of habitats from pristine mountainous areas to farmland. Primarily a ground dweller in low vegetation close to water.

2. Adults move to shallow pools and ponds to breed in early spring but will wander away to forage in low bushes and trees for insects.

3. The round pads at the tips of their toes stick to minute irregularities, enabling these frogs to climb almost any surface. They are the only frogs that will have these in Alaska.

4. The two-note male mating call is repeated continuously and amplified by large round vocal sacs inflated beneath the chin. For being so small they are quite loud!

 Pacific Chorus Frog Video

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