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Our pet store is committed to responsible and ethical ownership of amphibians and reptiles as pets. We comply with all state and federal laws as they pertain to the import and sale of these species. For amphibians, only ornamental species that do not pose a threat to Alaska’s native amphibians are sold. We maintain all necessary permits from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Department of Environmental Conservation.

In addition to regulatory compliance, this store is dedicated to educating our customers on proper in-home care of amphibians and reptiles. We support efforts to keep non-native species from being released and to keep native species from being brought into the home or moved from place to place on the landscape. We recognize that invasive species and disease transmission are real threats to the natural ecosystem. Furthermore, we recognize too that pet ownership is an excellent educational tool that can promote knowledge and respect for wildlife.


By submitting this pledge you acknowledge that the above statements are true for your pet store and that you are authorized to make this commitment. Your pet store will be added to the AHS list of sponsored pet stores and will be published on our site. In the event that a violation of the above pledge is reported, you will be informed and given ample opportunity to take corrective action. Unresolved violations will result in removal from our sponsored list.

The final decision to add or remove a pet store from our sponsored list shall be at the sole discretion of the AHS executive board. Neither the AHS nor its representatives shall be legally liable for gains or losses resulting from this published list. Pet stores that have been approved but no longer wish to be on the list must submit their request in writing. Requests for addition / removal will be acted upon within 30 days of receipt.

Thank-you for becoming an AHS sponsored pet store. Your dedication to the responsible and ethical ownership of amphibians and reptiles is much appreciated.

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