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Rough-skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa)

Adults: 13.3-20cm (5-25 in) long (total length – nose to tip of tale). “Rough” look to skin (except for breeding male), orange / yellow on underside, does not have clearly visible grooves along body like the northwestern and long-toed salamander.

Eggs: Laid singly, eggs are in large single gelatinous envelope, large capsular chamber; they are usually attached to vegetation in slow-moving streams or still water; usually hard to find, sometimes attached between parts of vegetation.

Larvae: Reach 7.5cm (3 in); Trunk has two rows of spots that run the length of body (in some cases form light stripe)


The most aquatic newt! This animal is found in spruce and hemlock forests around ponds or lakes, muskegs, and slow moving streams that have large amounts of vegetation. In Alaska they often inhabit coastal forests.

These animals are diurnal – they are most active during the day!

The metamorphosis from larvae to adult is thought to take two years in Alaska.

They will often lift their head and tail when they feel threatened.

Among the most notable characteristics in adults is the red / orange belly.

Though they are safe to handle, be sure to wash your hands afterward and NEVER eat them! They are extremely toxic and in fact, among the most toxic animals alive!

Rough-skinned Newt Video

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