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Stikine Amphibian Research


The Stikine River in Southeast Alaska is considered a hotspot of amphibian diversity (at least as compared to other parts of the state) and is suspected to be home to all six species of identified native Alaska amphibians. As part of my doctoral dissertation in Ethnobiology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, I hattempted to expand knowledge of amphibian diversity, distribution and abundance on the Stikine River, using both conventional and unique methods of data acquisition. For more information on the background of this project, CLICK HERE.

The Alaska Herpetological Society (AHS) has generously allowed me to utilize this site to disseminate my methods and results.  I ask that site visitors please respect the intellectual property rights to these by refraining from directly publishing them elsewhere or using the information without prior written permission. Still, I am excited to be able to provide this forum for the public and to generate feedback! Please explore this section of the AHS website and feel free to offer comments and suggestions.

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Individual Methods and Result:

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The following sites and areas in the Stikine Region have received attention as a result of this study. All have been considered in the context of local and traditional knowledge while those in BLUE have also been sampled, or will be sampled in 2013, using conventional inventory techniques.

Anan Bay, Anan Lake, Andrew's Creek, Barne's Lake, Berg Bay, Cheliped Bay, Dry Island, Eagle Lake, Etolin Island, Farm Island (Binkley Slough / Knig Slough), Gut Island, Harding River, Koknuk, Limb Island, Little Dry Island, Mallard Slough, Marten Lake, Mitkof Island (Blind Slough / Ohmer Creek / Baseball Field Muskegs / Sand, Hill and Crane Lakes), Mount Flemmer, Mount Rynda, Red Slough, Sergief Island, Shakes Hot Springs, Shakes Slough, Steamer Bay, The Desert, Twin Lakes, Virginia Lake, Woronkofski Island, Wrangell Island (Anita Bay / City Limits of Wrangell / Earl west Cove / Thoms Laks / Middle Ridge / Muskeg Meadows Golf Course / Pat's Lake / Salamander Creek, Wrangell Reservoir), Zarembo Island.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel to contact me directly at

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