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As a teacher I recognize that amphibians and reptiles in the classroom can be valuable educational tools. I understand that it is illegal and unethical to take wild amphibian for this purpose without a Fish Resource Permit from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). I will only purchase live amphibians from reputable pet stores and suppliers, understanding that these species must be ornamental and cannot pose significant harm to Alaska's native amphibians. All live amphibians brought into the classroom will be kept for their entire lives and never released into the wild. I will also dispose of all aquarium water appropriately, never dumping it into local water bodies. 

My classroom is dedicated to teaching responsible and ethical biological practices. I pledge to teach my students about the struggles facing amphibians worldwide, the risk of invasive species and disease transmission, and the illegality of taking or moving wild amphibians into the home or from place to place. I support an observational approach to teaching (as opposed to wild collections) whenever possible. Furthermore, I understand that my actions and teaching can be an extremely effective tool in producing responsible, ethical and knowledgeable young scientists in Alaska.


By submitting this pledge you acknowledge that the above statements are true for your classroom and that you are authorized to make this commitment. Your name and school will be added to the AHS list of sponsored classrooms and will be published on our site. In the event that a violation of the above pledge is reported, you will be informed and given ample opportunity to take corrective action. Unresolved violations will result in removal from our sponsored list.

The final decision to add or remove a classroom from our sponsored list shall be at the sole discretion of the AHS executive board. Neither the AHS nor its representatives shall be legally liable for any and all repercussions resulting from this published list. Teachers that have been approved but no longer wish to be on the list must submit their request in writing. Requests for addition / removal will be acted upon within 30 days of receipt.

Thank-you for becoming an AHS sponsored classroom. Your dedication to the responsible and ethical use of amphibians and reptiles as educational tools is appreciated.

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