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2013 Annual Meeting

 WHEN: 2PM on Sunday October 27th, 2013


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The AHS Executive Board decided in 2013 that the Annual Meeting will only be held in conjunction with a full-fledged conference in even-numbered years. Still, the Annual Meeting is an important opportunity to discuss the previous year's accomplishments and the subsequent year's goals for the organization.

The 2013 Annual Meeting was held virtually at 2PM on Sunday October 27th, 2013. Teleconferencing was utilized to facilitate the discussion. As part of the Annual Meeting and leading up to the formal discussions, online voting for officer elections, bylaw changes, and resolutions was available for members during the week prior (October 19th - October 26th). The results of this voting will were announced during the discussion on the 27th.

There was no registration cost for the 2013 Annual Meeting. That said, voting could only include paid members of the organization.

REMINDER: As per the organization's bylaws, due notice of 3 days must be given before any bylaw change or resolution is considered, or before a general meeting of the membership is held. Because the 2013 annual meeting took place at least partially online, including voting on these items, all documents for consideration were submitted to the Executive Board by 5PM on Wednesday October 16th.


- Officer Elections: Several of the current AHS officers are planning to step down from their positions to allow for a new group of active members to take the reigns of the organization. Please consider taking a leadership role in our organization! If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

-Financial Status: Discussion on the financial state of the organization will be undertaken. AHS is still awaiting its final 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Once this is received, all donations to AHS will be tax deductible. We will discuss the opportunity to participate in Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend - Pick-Click-Give Program. We will also discuss and set dues and conference registration costs for the upcoming year. In addition, we will discuss the proposed AHS grants program.

-Clothing Orders: AHS will soon be doing a second round of clothing orders. Orders can be placed online. The new logo will be displayed on the website soon.

-2014 Conference / Annual Meeting: We will discuss the specifics of the next conference including dates, locations, speakers, and costs. The result of elections for planning chair will be announced.

-Other Discussion Topics: Recruitment, Newsletters, Outreach, Events

Photo Credits:

The Bullfrog tadpole, Rana catesbeiana, pictured above was captured in Latrobe, Pennsylvania in August of 2013 by AHS members Alexis Capel and Joshua Ream. Bullfrogs of all life stages are agressive toward other frogs and have the ability to introduce disease. They are not native to Alaska and they are one species that we hope to prevent entering the state through our upcoming proposal to the Alaska Board of Fish (more above).


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