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SLAMP Initiative

The Stikine Long-term Amphibian Monitoring Program (SLAMP) has been adopted by AHS as a means for providing a depth of temporal data for an amphibian assemblage in Alaska. This is the first of its kind in the state, and we are proud to finally support the acquisition of population data over time.

SLAMP is an extension of the Ph.D. research conducted by Joshua Ream, a founding member of the organization, and his volunteer Seth Perry. Ream laid the foundational parameters of SLAMP and has provided the baseline population data necessary to develop this program. More on Ream's Stikine amphibian research can be explored by CLICKING HERE. You can also view a summary of his research results by CLICKING HERE. 


  • to acquire long-term amphibian community and population data for Stikine amphibians

  • to understand normal background population fluctuations and to document changes that exceed these

  • to develop SLAMP as a model for future long-term amphibian monitoring programs elsewhere in Alaska

  • to document climate / development related impacts to amphibians over time

  • to provide managers with sufficient data for the conservation and management of these non-game species

  • to provide citizen science and amphibian education opportunities to state residents


1. When funds and personnel permit, AHS will undertake an annual systematic inventory of six sites in the Stikine Region that were chosen based on historic data availability, importance as breeding sites and species diversity. CLICK HERE for more on these sites. 

2. Opportunistic surveys of the Stikine Region will take place as time and resources permit. These are secondary to the systematic sampling and may be less structured. AHS members can contribute by reporting all observations from the area and submitting photographic vouchers. Members can also submit data obtained by walking coverboard transects at the six inventory sites throughout the year. 

3. As part of SLAMP, AHS may periodically offer citizen science programs and initiatives that engage and educate the public on amphibian research in Alaska. one such program is the Amphibian Bioblitz that is being developed for the summer of 2014. AHS has partnered with the Girl Scout Troop 4156 and the U.S. Forest Service to conduct this intensive and comprehensive inventory of our inventory sites at Twin Lakes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PARTNERSHIP. 

4. AHS is partnering with schools in the region (Petersburg and Wrangell) to offer Service-learning opportunities to Middle School and High School students. Classrooms that want to participate will receive an amphibian sampling "kit", on loan, that includes educational materials (curricula, books, DVDs, Life stage models, etc) and sampling supplies (small nets, pesola scales, rulers, latex gloves, a GPS Unit, disposable cameras and disinfecting materials). The classroom will choose a local wetland to actively monitor each spring. When possible, AHS staff will offer guest lectures and field outings.


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